The “Anti Watch, Watch Club” or AWWC INC. is an IRS compliant, registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that believes in caring for those who have borne and currently bear the battle. We are a veteran and LEO/First Responder-centric organization that provides monetary, social, humanitarian, and emotional support to those in need.


Through community partners and state programs, we provided clothing and housing for 4 veterans in a ‘sober living’ commune worry-free for 12 months.

Sponsored medical care and housing for an MWD K-9 for 12 months.

Sponsored 4 Law Enforcement Officers for 1 year or up to their blue belt (whichever comes first) at an accredited Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym of their choosing, advanced CQB and pistol marksmanship courses, and advanced interdiction training.

Provided approximately 36 veterans rideshare transportation to and from their housing program, medical appointments, and benefit services at their respective Veterans Affairs Medical Centers or VA-Sponsored Community Based Care Clinics.

Pledged 100 percent of our executive salaries to fund our social programs and direct donations to other charities for 12 months.

We recently unveiled our “Blue Guardians” Program that bridges the gap in tactical education, emotional intelligence, and the reinforcement of soft skills that law enforcement officers around the country are sorely lacking. It’s comprised of a Technical and Academic division, and officers can apply quarterly when slots open. Whether it’s sponsoring officers for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Defensive Tactics, report writing, crisis intervention training, victim advocacy, tactical field care, or advanced firearms courses, when departments say “no”, AWWC says “why not?”

Stay tuned. We’ve got more programs coming and more ways you can help support.


AWWC INC. is not just a nonprofit; it's a dedicated force working to improve the lives of veterans and first responders, with a track record of tangible impact and a commitment to ongoing support and innovation.

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