Anti Watch, Watch Club is a unique nonprofit organization that transcends traditional categories. It's a community of passionate individuals dedicated to horology and making a meaningful impact. Here's what sets them apart:

1. Mission: They provide support to veterans and first responders through monetary, social, humanitarian, and emotional assistance.

2. Approach: Using a "drop culture" style, they sell bespoke, handmade watch straps and other end-user based products to sustain their operations.

3. Team: Comprised of five professional leaders from diverse industries, they operate with a unique structure, including managing partners, senior partners, and interns.

4. Impact: All proceeds go towards veteran or first responder charities, operating costs, and product development, with the team working tirelessly without compensation.

5. Collaboration: They work closely with various military, medical, and law enforcement personnel to develop specialized products tailored to their needs, such as the "DECON-1" and "TAC-1" series.

In essence, offers donors the opportunity to support a community-driven organization that combines a passion for horology with a commitment to serving those who have served our communities.

"Acta non verba"
Deeds, not words.
Stay Deadly.
Get out there, use your shit.


6462 Losee Rd

Suite 110-59

North Las Vegas, NV 89086


CEO Alex Hundos

CFO Anthony Pagliei

COO Zac Wiley

Business Development/Compliance Officer

Cody Fite 

Logistics, Fulfillment, & Fleet Fueling Officer

Joey Fok


Tyson Cook

Gylmar Garcia

Kyle Lyon


Nicholas Dingman

Wesley Perkins

Alexander Wilson

Zane Butler

Daniel Evans

Chris Silvas


Zachary Garfield

Adam Zoltan

Marc Santos

Alexander Morgan

Ray Chen

Doug Hoff

Justin McMillion

Jonathon Kemp

Matthew Thornton

Jordan Gladman

Charles McDonald

Kris Mclaughlin

Russel Burrell

Austin Brickle

Ameet Patel

Lee Meister

Shelby Burnley

Brandon Longaker

Robert Senn

Mike Savakis

Dylon Bozeman

Thomas Moritz

William Presson

Brandi Eibach

Asha Wagner

John Charboneau

Distinguished Supporters

Jacob Servantes

Wesley Kwok

Kelly Haygarth 

Kristen Michelle

Isai Rocha

Blake Cole 

Darren Rees

Julian Steadman

Zane Delavois

Zac Pierce

Jason Nofsker 

Alex Maldonado

Al Armstrong

Watches of Espionage

Blue Guardians

Austin W.

James Q.

Christian C.

Jospeh D.

Eli C.

Andrew S.

Taylor C.

Alex T.

Trusted Dealers

Biel Watches

Queen City Watches 

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