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Anti Watch, Watch Club Inc.

ZHxAWWC “Stealth Noir” Strap 20mm

ZHxAWWC “Stealth Noir” Strap 20mm

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Single Pass, ChromeXL Leather.


-These will come with a set of high tensile, water proof, FKM Rubber Keepers instead of the heavy, clunky and traditional “Zulu Rings” to maintain a flush fit/low profile signature.

-Unlike traditional NATOs these have a bevel cut at the end less than 1” from the last hole as to have NO excess. These straps are meant to sit flat and not have that zulualpha effect of “tucking” the excess. These will fit much like a Decon-II if you own one.

-Single Subdued AWWC “Crest” with no other logos, Zane was amazing and accommodated our request to pair this strap with our Nodus SECTOR Deep collab piece. You’re the true homie, love you bro.

-These will ship with curved spring bars however we’re trying to make sure these are cut as close to 20mm as possible unlike previous collab straps.

-You guys have been a blessing and hearing your input has made this strap possible and is a a direct representation of the “Hundos Special” with all the custom design queues that make it truly low profile.

These will be ready to ship hopefully by the end of August in time with our Nodus collab drop, treat it as our normal pre-orders with a quicker lead time.

Veteran owned and operated, Made in the USA.


LEAD TIMES/Fulfillment

With the nature of operating a new, small business we can only keep our products stocked as they come in from pre-order funds or stock in-hand “ready to ship”.

As a non-profit organization we spend our day in the community and working with veterans service organizations Monday through Friday 0600-1800 and our non-profit hours are when most would spend with their families or R&R. 

Our shipping items usually reflect a week or sooner once the announcement is made.

All straps are considered pre-orders unless stated as “Ready to Ship” and the time frame will be listed on the product description and updated frequently on our Instagram page @antiwatchwatchclub

Shipping & Returns

Shipping costs incurred by buyer. Item will be shipped to address on file during purchase.

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