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TAC-1 Field and Dive Strap KAG x AWWC

TAC-1 Field and Dive Strap KAG x AWWC

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Collaboration with Kinetic Applications Group to bring you a strap that’s unlike any other.

Comes with 1 - Buckle, 1 - Hundo-Lon Synthetix(TM) strap, 2 - EPDM rubber keepers.

This strap is meant for austere conditions in hot or cold weather. It is a dive strap. It is a sterile environment strap and meant to be removable from the buckle and washable. 

Buckle engraved by Luxury Laser Products with NGIS topographic contour lines of Fort Benning, GA home to the “School of the Infantry” & the Maneuver Center of Excellence. The owner of Kinetic Applications Group is a former US Army Infantry Rifleman as well as the one of the founders of AWWC, Inc.

The strap material runs as a true 19.99mm/20mm strap so it will show on 20mm lug width watches, we recommend black spring bar sets from Strapcode.


Hundo-Lon Synthetix



A waterproof, synthetic rubber made up of chlorosulfonated polyethylene. 
Resistant against chemical and physical abrasion, flames, and UV damage.  
Non-toxic hypalon derivative made in the U.S. sourced in Denver. 


  • Resistant to alkalis and acids
  • Resistant to extreme temp spikes
  • Weather and ultraviolet light resistant
  • Load bearing
  • Superb adhesion to metals
  • Radar transparent



Elongation: 100% – 800%
Hardness Range (Durometer Shore A): 45 – 95
Tensile Strength: 1,000 – 3,000psi



Minimum Service Temperature: -60º F
Maximum Service Temperature: 275º F




EDPM rubber, also known as EP rubber, is a type of synthetic rubber elastomer characterized by a wide range of applications. This material is compatible with fireproof hydraulic fluids, ketones, water temperature fluctuations and alkalis. The key properties of EPDM rubber are its outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance along with excellent electrical insulating properties.



  • Chemical Name: Ethylene-propylene Terpolymer
  • Generally Resistant to: Oxidation, Ozone, Sunlight, Abrasion, Fireproof Hydraulic Fluids, Water, and Alkalis
  • Generally Attacked by: Kerosene, Hydrocarbons, and Solvents
  • ASTM D 2000 / SAE J200 Classification: BA, CA
  • MIL-R-3065 / SAE J-14 / MIL-STD-417 Classification: RS
  • ASTM D-1418 Designation: EPDM



Elongation: 100% to 700%
Hardness Range (Durometer Shore A): 30 to 90



Minimum Service Temperature:  -75°F
Maximum Service Temperature: +350°F



  • Designed for 20mm webbing
  • .98" Wide x 1.14" Long
  • 8.2 grams
  • Machined from billet aluminum
  • Titanium pin for strength and weight
  • Corrosion/resistant stainless steel spring


*AWWC/KAG buckles, clasps, and straps are tough, but they're not meant for anything safety-critical. DO NOT use these buckles or straps or any other AWWC/KAG product in any application where a failure, or malfunction could cause damage, injury, or death. Our products are NOT certified, and we cannot provide any guarantee of their suitability for any particular purpose. You assume all risk for your use of our products.







LEAD TIMES/Fulfillment

With the nature of operating a new, small business we can only keep our products stocked as they come in from pre-order funds or stock in-hand “ready to ship”.

As a non-profit organization we spend our day in the community and working with veterans service organizations Monday through Friday 0600-1800 and our non-profit hours are when most would spend with their families or R&R. 

Our shipping items usually reflect a week or sooner once the announcement is made.

All straps are considered pre-orders unless stated as “Ready to Ship” and the time frame will be listed on the product description and updated frequently on our Instagram page @antiwatchwatchclub

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