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GMT Pry Bar Tool

GMT Pry Bar Tool

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Drawing inspiration from the beloved GMT watch, this collaborative endeavor seamlessly incorporates design cues reminiscent of the iconic timepiece. Infused with a touch of Rolex's signature flair on the handle, we proudly present the GMT (General Multi Tool). While it may not assist in tracking multiple time zones like the watch, it boasts the same level of durability and resilience that the renowned timepiece is known for. Don't hesitate; secure your GMT knife today and experience the perfect fusion of style and robust functionality.


Introducing the BloodOath Instruments x Anti Watch Watch Club Collaboration Tactical Knife: A Precision-Crafted Marvel


Key Features:


D2 Steel: The heart of this exceptional tactical ttool is its side, meticulously crafted from D2 steel. D2 steel is renowned for its remarkable durability and retention, making it a prime choice for those who demand the utmost from their tools. Whether you're in the field, facing everyday tasks, or in a tactical situation, this tool’s  performance stands unrivaled.


Multi-Tool Pommel: At the pommel of this tool, you'll discover a versatile secret. It's not just the end of the handle; it's a multi-functional tool in itself. With a built-in pry bar and screwdriver, this tool ensures that you're well-equipped to handle various challenges. From tackling stubborn screws to opening crates, this addition provides an extra layer of convenience.


GMT-Inspired G10 Grip Scales: The handle of this tactical tool is where form meets function. Our G10 grip scales are not only designed for ergonomic comfort but also for a touch of elegance. Drawing inspiration from the iconic GMT hand of a watch, these scales are a nod to precision, punctuality, and the pursuit of perfection. The intricate design not only enhances the aesthetics but also provides a secure and slip-resistant grip, ensuring your safety and control in various situations.



- Tool Length: 3.25 inches

- Handle Length: 2.98 inches

- Tool Side Grind: Flat

- Tool Thickness: 0.189 inches

- Toil Material: D2 Steel

- Finishing: DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon)


A Cut Above the Rest:


The BloodOath Instruments x AntiWatch Watch Club Collaboration Tactical tool is not just For the fields; it's a precision-crafted marvel designed for those who appreciate the finer details in their everyday carry. The choice of D2 steel ensures that your blade remains sharp and resilient, ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way. The addition of a multi-tool pommel offers unparalleled versatility, making this tool your go-to solution for various tasks.


As you grasp the tool, the G10 grip scales provide both a comfortable and secure hold, inspired by the precision of a GMT hand on a watch. With this exceptional tactical tool in your hand, you're not just carrying a tool; you're carrying a symbol of excellence, readiness, and meticulous craftsmanship.


Invest in a tool that's a slice above the rest. Explore the BloodOath Instruments x AntiWatch Watch Club Collaboration Tactical Tool and elevate your everyday carry to a new level of precision and performance.



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As a non-profit organization we spend our day in the community and working with veterans service organizations Monday through Friday 0600-1800 and our non-profit hours are when most would spend with their families or R&R. 

Our shipping items usually reflect a week or sooner once the announcement is made.

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